NY Times: UNCF, Claflin President Speak on For-profit College Predatory Practices

Black colleges swept up in for-profit crackdown find relief from DeVos, says New York Times article.

When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began rolling back regulations to curb the predatory practices of for-profit colleges, critics seethed that the Trump administration was throwing yet another lifeline to a rapacious industry—in this case, one that sees vulnerable undergraduates as nothing more than moneymaking targets.

Henry N. Tisdale, the president of the small campus of Claflin University [a UNCF-member institution] in Orangeburg, SC, disagrees.

Since the Obama administration announced that it would establish a smoother pathway for students to claim that they had been misled by their colleges, Mr. Tisdale said he has feared an expensive legal battle over the smallest leaflet advertising a service on campus.

“A small mistake or error at a college like Claflin could put us out of business,” Mr. Tisdale said. “We don’t have the resources ready to respond to frivolous claims.” >> Read full New York Times article, Black Colleges Swept Up in For-Profit Crackdown Find Relief from DeVos


“We want to make sure this is a balanced process. We’re protecting students and the institutions that are giving them a chance to fall into the middle class.”Lodriguez V. Murray, UNCF Vice President, Public Policy and Government Affairs

Erica Green is a reporter for the New York Times