SPDP: Internships and Scholarships

Student Professional Development Programs encompass over 30 active programs and counting! Explore our current 2023-2024 active programs below:

  1. ADT Scholars Program
  2. Association of American Publishers-UNCF Internship Program
  3. BD UNCF Internship Program
  4. Best Buy Scholars Program
  5. Bimbo Bakeries Student Professional Development Program
  6. Black Teacher Pipeline Program
  7. Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota Diversity and Racial Equity
  8. Budweiser Natalie Johnson Scholarship and Internship Program
  9. Building Better Futures Grant Program
  10.  Chevron Corporate Scholarship Program
  11.  EA Madden Scholarship Program
  12.  Exelon HBCU Corporate Scholars Program
  13.  FanDuel Internship Program
  14.  K-12 Education Fellowship
  15.  Lighted Pathways Internship Program
  16.  Lincoln Financial Scholars
  17.  United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Initiative
  18.  United Health Foundation Diversity in Healthcare Scholarship Program
  19.  UNCF/Old Dominion Scholars Program
  20.   UNCF/Toyota Scholars Program
  21.   UNCF/Volkswagen Group of America Corporate Scholars Program
  22.   Papa John’s RISE Internship Program
  23.   P&G HBCU Business Challenge Competition
  24.   The Walt Disney Company UNCF Enhanced Scholars Program
    • The Walt Disney Company UNCF Corporate Enhanced Scholars Program- Internship
    • Andscape Rhoden Fellowship Program
    • National Geographic HBCU Media Scholarship Program
    • FX Storytelling Legacy Scholarship – Mentorship